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Joe Bunn has mentored DJs all over the world and continues to speak at several events each year.

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Members are SPEAKING OUT about The DJ's Vault. Here's what they say:

"So last year, I only had about 11 weddings... Pretty terrible. Well this year, I have over 40 booked. 40. I can't believe it. It's amazing." - Chaz M.

"I took my business from being a part-time IT guy to fully being a mobile DJ. And now I have a couple guys working underneath me. And trust me, I wouldn't have been able to do that if it wasn't for  The DJ's Vault." - Mario V.

"I've been a Vault member since Day 1 and one year later, I've gone full-time as DJ. It's been great for me mentally and also for my family, to be able to do something that I love..." - Erick M.

What DJs Are Saying About Joe:

Joe is a one-of-a-kind DJ wizard! Not only can he crush a party, but he’s just as lethal on the business side. That’s why I had to bring him to Florida to consult on our operation. He gave me some practical things to implement immediately that added profit to the bottom line. Not surprisingly, Joe went above and beyond by following up with me the next few weeks, well after his contracted time had finished. That’s just the kind of guy Joe is. I can’t recommend him enough.

Brian Buonassissi

Owner, B-Boy Productions

Joe Bunn has been in the industry playing a prestigious role in many categories that includes DJing, running a multi-op, marketing, sales and mentorship. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Joe over the last several years through educational events and social one-on-one time. Joe has helped me stay disciplined with ideas, perspective, and knowledge to continue to grow my passion in Harrisburg/Hershey, PA. If you’re not connected with Joe, in any way, you’re missing out, and it’s your loss.

Jason Klock

Founder, Klock Entertainment

Joe Bunn has helped me grow my business professionally, both one-on-one and through his educational videos. From marketing and sales to hiring and training, Joe has saved me countless hours that I would have spent making mistakes and learning the hard way. Joe has an uncanny ability to break down the processes step-by-step that have worked for him and translate that into an actionable formula that anyone can follow!

Alex Nepa
Owner, Mint DJ Events

Joe has been an inspiration on multiple levels. He's provided me with valuable insight about scaling our business, marketing advice, and training tips for our next rock star DJs. He's driven, he's knowledgeable, and he has helped so many people, myself included. 

Christopher Hintz

Founder, Pinnacle Productions

With Joe’s guidance, I have been able to successfully offer packages to couples and it has greatly increased my revenue. I was a single op at the time and was desperately in need of a plan to find talent for our company. Joe shares the steps he takes when he looks to hire talent and retain it. I just found my third DJ!

Jim Collins

Owner, Collins Entertainment

Joe Bunn has been an instrumental figure in the growth of myself and my company in the event industry. I consistently refer to much of his content and his many videos and personal conversations to help us progress and grow. I can't thank Joe enough for his contributions to the DJ and event industry and to myself personally.

Chris Romero

Owner, Cutmaster Music

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